The Time Zone


The Time Zone is a metaverse for watch enthusiasts to trade and share the love of watches. We will create a group of like-minded enthusiasts that allow people to freely shop their watches, display their watches NFTs and even bid on watches.
The second hand market for watches is enormous and we will create a web3 marketplace ecosystem for businesses and watch lovers to enjoy and socialize.

We are a group of watch enthusiasts who want to be able to create a more transparent industry for watches. We want to be able to trade our watches more securely and quickly. We also want to check out more information about watches and talk about it whenever we are free. We also want to show off the collections we have.


Benefits As A

TimeZone Holder

  1. Get early bird access to the metaverse.
  2. Get 1000 $TIME coin
  3. Have extra voting rights for the expansion of the TIME Zone metaverse
  4. Have access to discounts of partnered watch brands
  5. Get passive income when others use its watch
  6. Rare watch Zone will grant an actual watch. Some can be exclusive

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The Time Zone


2022 Q2 Marketing

2022 Q3 NFTs

2022 Q4 $TIME Coin

2023 Q1 Metaverse

  1. This project starts by promoting watch NFTs via social platforms such as Discord, Instagram, Twitter, or website
  2. People can mint and open a unique watch using NFTs that serve as watch zones. Zones could be a GMT master or a Richard Mille Watch. There will be no brand names on the watch itself.
  3. NFT owners can be whitelisted for coin airdrops or participating in advance sales. If whitelisted, NFT owners may receive a physical watch from the brand.
  4. The price for a watch Zone NFT starts at 0.08 ETH or 0.1 ETH. We will only release 10,000 watches at the start.
  5. This project will promote two separate groups - watch lovers and NFT enthusiasts.

  1. The NFTs are expected to launch by August 2022
  2. The hype around the product will be generated by social media influencers.
  3. We will make watches for all of the NFTs.
  4. Starting at 10,000 pieces, the 3D watches are composed of different and popular watch brands.
    1. Different attributes of the watch include: shape, dial, movement, strap, crown, material, hands, background, lume, color, and function.

  1. By this quarter, we will release our $TIME coin and its whitepaper. The whitepaper will cover the basics of our coin and its case of trading watches in the metaverse. It will also justify the renting/buying of lands for second-hand shop owners or other watch brands. Additionally, we can also offer rental places or a marketplace for individuals to sell their watches.
  2. People can buy and personalize their watches or sell them in the metaverse. The metaverse will also enable shops to utilize the $TIME coin to create watches to list on other shops in the metaverse.
  3. The governance coin of the watch will be $TIME, and it will give the owner voting rights for DAO. Using the coin, the owner can have the voting rights for coin usage, land usage, or the direction of the metaverse, among others.

  1. Sellers can list and sell their second-hand or new watches privately on the metaverse.
    1. Buyer will pay $USDT to DAO.
    2. Once the transaction is accepted, the Seller will send the watch through 3rd party logistics.
    3. Once the buyer receives the actual watch and five (5) validators confirm the item's legitimacy, the DAO will release the funds and approve the NFT transfer.
    4. Seller will pay a certain amount of $TIME to DAO as the commission fee.
  2. The DAO will also act as an auction house to allow bids on watches for buyers using the $TIME token.
  3. The TIME Zone will act as a social platform for watch lovers to enjoy and show off their watch collection. Additionally, brand owners may also create their own watch collection and attract potential buyers.


Felix Lam

  • 10 Years in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Graduated From S.F.U in Economics
  • CEO of CoinShaker, an A.I. Algorithmic Trading System
  • Director of The Thinkers, an digital content marketing agency
  • Co-Founder of Phantoms, a luxury watch brand that started from Kickstarter


Experienced Tech Background

Marketing Director

Seasoned Marketing Specialist